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We pride ourselves in helping every family find the perfect home, sell their home, or provide them with the right home services that perfectly fit their needs. Servicing the Greater Houston and Galveston area, because we want to make our hometown your hometown. Contact B.U. HOMES Today!

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Common Reasons Customer Use Our Buying Service:

* To Avoid Foreclosure                                            * Structural Issues
* Divorce                                                                   * Death Of A Loved One
* Relocation or Job Transfer                                  * Want To Get Rid Of Inherited Home 
* Undesirable neighborhoods                                * Mortgage Payment Too High                   * No Longer Wanting Your Vacant Home              * House Too Run Down
* Cant Afford The Costly Repairs Needed            * Selling Assets To Catch Up on Bills
* Retirement or Downsizing                                   * Job Loss


                                                       And Many More.........

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